About Me

I'm MaryBeth. Wife, mother, teacher, blogger, color-coder and avid DIYer... My husband and I both teach at the same small school in rural SE Minnesota and I love getting to work just down the hall from him every day! He may not feel the same, but let's pretend he does! When not at school, I love spending time with our son who was born last May. I cannot believe how much he's changed in a year and continues to change daily. You'll see lots of him on here! He's my "Man of Many Hats!" 

I moonlight as a DIY maven and borderline hoarder! I have a love for Mason Jars {especially the blue ones} and use them for everything! I also swoon over old windows, furniture with chipping paint, denim jackets {hence the one above}, cardigans and rocks. Antiques and auction hunting with my best friend {and sometimes the hubby} are my favorite pass times. Anything that is old and/or has a story to tell...all over that!  

I also sell Wildtree Products on the side and absolutely adore them! They are all natural and taste wonderful. I use them daily and they save me both time and money in the kitchen. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them!  

A {large} quote that I have hanging above my desk sums me up to a T. 
"Creativity is messy and I'm very creative!"

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