Friday, September 27, 2013

Learning Through Movement: Sight Word Hop Scotch

I saw a post on Pinterest, where someone had taped sight words to the floor in a hop scotch pattern. I instantly remembered how I used dry erase crayons to number the tile floor where they should line up last year. Instead of taping pieces of paper to the floor, I used dry erase crayons to drew a hop scotch pattern and then filled it with sight words and decodable words for my First Grade Tile 1 students. The Second and Third graders were jealous and wanted to do it too. I think I'll be making a second one with their sight words and possibly math facts! The kids love seeing if they can do it faster than they did yesterday. (fluency builder) The crayon comes right off with a little bit of rubbing and a tennis ball on the end of a broom handle takes it off really fast! 

Happy Hopping!

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